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For parents committed to shifting their boy's negative behaviors through connection.

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I know you're really struggling.

 Frustrated and impatient. 

Letting yourself down each time you lose it with your little guy.

You long to do this parenting thing without burning out your own insides because the frustration is like a fire inside you. 

You’re working hard to raise your family, keep the household running, maintain your own identity, and the juggling act has worn you out. 

It feels like everything and everyone is getting short changed. 

This just isn’t the family life you imagined for yourself, and you feel like you’re to blame. 

And what about your boy? Who you love dearly. You're worried.

How do you parent him so that he grows into a respectful man who listens well? 

How do you protect him from the toxic messages of masculinity flooding the media outlets? 

How do you raise your son to be resilient in the face of life's promised hard times? 

And in the short run, how do you get him to listen? To share? To sleep? To be kind?


I’m here to tell you that there’s lots you can do to stack the deck in his – and your – favor! 

I know it doesn’t seem like it should be so hard, but the reality is that having kids changed your life in ways you couldn’t possibly have imagined, and there are very few societies that support parents well. Know of any?

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