Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could…

☞ Confidently talk to your son about sexuality, love and relationships?
☞ Help your boy fully understand consent?
☞ Decrease the chance of your son being wrongly accused of sexual assault?
☞ Help your boy know what to do when he’s exposed to internet pornography? He WILL see it!
☞ Have such a close relationship with your teen that they willingly talk to you about dating and relationships (This really happens!)

Join us for this very special Master Class with Tosha Schore and Amy Lang!

In our current climate it is more important than ever that we raise boys who make good decisions and stand for what’s right. This special Master Class will help you raise respectful boys who make smart and healthy decisions about sex and relationships.

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    Raising Respectful Boys in a Sexualized World
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  • Tosha Schore, Author & Parent Coach

    Tosha Schore, Author & Parent Coach

    Your Partner In Parenting

    I want you to feel hopeful about your son’s ability to make good choices, solve conflicts peacefully, conquer his fears, and reach his full potential. I have lived in that place of worry and fear for my sons’ future, and it sucked! I made it my business to learn all I could about parenting, and to get the hell out of that hopeless place as quickly as possible. Please let me help you out too! Yes, I've written a book, coached loads of parents, and shared my knowledge on many a podcast and online summit, and in newspapers and magazines online and off. But I don’t have any super powers. I just discovered some simple tools that allow me to lose it less and move my boys beyond their less-than-stellar behaviors. And I felt so amazed by the process that I became a certified trainer of Hand in Hand Parenting and began helping other parents do the same. I now know that my boys are just fine, and if I can spread the message that boys are good, and that it is our responsibility to learn how to support them well, life for boys (and with boys) will be sooo much better. This knowledge has empowered me to teach parents what’s really going on with our boys, and how to meet them where they are, hold high standards for them, and hold them close as they make their way through their struggles. I look around me at the men I meet and I don’t see a lot of joy. Many seem to have fallen into jobs/careers/roles that others expected of them- either their families or cultures. Most do not make spending time with their families a priority – either because they’re carrying huge financial burdens, or they don’t know how to play, be still, be close, relax. Many are without networks of close friends, are lonely and unhappy, and use alcohol, drugs or porn to numb the pain, rather than express their feelings fully. I don’t want this future for my boys or yours. I read the newspaper and it’s full of men perpetuating all sorts of violence. I believe we can do better for our boys. That does not have to be their future. It's time to redefine masculinity and create real change in the lives of our boys, our families, and our world! The future holds much beauty and goodness! I hope you’ll join me on my journey towards more joy, play and laughter at home, and more peace in the world.
  • In conversation with Anya Manes

    In conversation with Anya Manes

    Sex Educator

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“Amy Lang is a parent's best-friend-with-benefits when it comes to sex talks!”

Dan Savage - Sex Advice ExpertDan Savage - Sex Advice Expert

“Tosha is honest. She delivers her assistance with a powerful combination of humor and caring that amounts to highly useful guidance. You won't find a smarter, more energetic parenting coach than Tosha Schore.”

Patty Wipfler - Founder, Hand in Hand ParentingPatty Wipfler - Founder, Hand in Hand Parenting